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    So I'm in a bit of a dilemma as to whether or not to move to a new sixth form or not. The current one I go to isn't very good and gets "Requires Improvement" in its Ofsted report. However, it is only a 20 minute walk away, has a very casual atmosphere (no uniform, lots of free periods) and is relatively small, with about 1/3 of the people there coming from my secondary school.

    The problem is, I'm a complete nerd, and since this school isn't too good the type of people there aren't the nerdy types that I talk to, and the people from my school aren't anyone that I'd talk to. I only have one close friend that goes there and we don't share any lessons. 90% of my lessons are spent without saying a word and just getting on with my work in silence.

    The other sixth form, which gets "Good" on most of it's areas and "Outstanding" in one other, is a much better school for high performing people and gets much better results than my current sixth form. Five of my friends go there and they all say it's great and they are enjoying their lessons. (Which are the lessons I took, so if I went there I'd most likely share lessons with my friends)

    This school is known for being rather strict though and a smart uniform is required at all times and they put more pressure on students to do well. It would also mean getting up half an hour earlier and catching a 30 min bus journey to get there.

    The way I see it at the minute is that if my one friend (who is one of my closest, if not the closest friend of mine) wasn't going to my current sixth form, I would have moved a long time ago. I would feel really guilty leaving him since we are best friends and talk everyday. He's very friendly though and can talk to absolutely anyone, so I hope that he'd be fine if I did move.

    We've contacted the better sixth form and they said they may consider me transferring, so I'm hoping that I will get an interview or something. But if they do let me join, I still don't know whether it's worth leaving my closest friend for my 5 other closest friends who I will share lessons with. I know they say it's best to put yourself first, and moving would be good for both my education and happiness, but I'd feel very guilty for my friend and a couple of acquaintances from my old school.

    I'm so sorry for this long winded incoherent wall of text, and if you managed to make it this far then I applaud you. Can you help me decide what's best?

    OK so your friend can talk to anyone - so does that mean he's already made friends and can manage without you - or is that wishful thinking on your part? Either way (sorry if this sounds harsh) you have to do what's right for you - you sound so lovely thinking of others, but really you may not be friends with any of these people in 10 years & so can't base 6th form decisions on that. Go with your gut and I think you know that moving is the right thing. Really hope that helps x
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    (Original post by jaguargirl)
    OK so your friend can talk to anyone - so does that mean he's already made friends and can manage without you - or is that wishful thinking on your part?
    I really don't know to be honest. I'll talk to him if they say I can go and try to discuss it with him. I just feel bad because I'd be leaving my best friend for some other friends on the off chance I am in lessons with them, and if I left maybe my friend would suddenly be in the situation I'm in now. I'm so confused
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