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    (Original post by FSHero)
    yeah, that wasn't bad. I still thought that it was kind-of hard - but that's probably because there were loads of high-mark questions as usual. I'm insecure!

    I can't remember any of the figures, but here's how I did that Prism Diagonal question:

    1) Work out the back-left side with the tangent ratio
    2) Work out that base diagonal using Pythagoras' Theorem (remember that square? - 60² + 60², etc.)
    3) Use the tangent ratio in inverse with the previous values calculated to find out the angle.

    Did anyone get the last question (no. 22)? I think I had a mind-blank near the end - I couldn't fit or substitute anything into anywhere. Also, the two simultaneous equations question:
    x² + y² = 25 (1)
    y = 2x - 2 (2)

    I got answers for x and y, but later when checking, x² + y² equalled 27!!!

    Hope every1 else has done well!
    FSHero that simulatneous equation was easy and I got it right if how you wrote it there is correct:
    X2 + Y2 = 25
    Y = 2X –2
    Y2 = (2X –2)2
    X2 + (2X-2)2 = 25
    X2 + 4X2 –8X +4 = 25
    5X2 - 8X – 21 = 0
    using quadratic formula
    X = 3 and –1.4

    So using
    Y = 2X –2
    When X = 3 Y = 4
    And X = -1.4 Y = -4.8

    Thanks for that, Philosoraptor. I think I got the same answers too, but maybe when checking, I typed it in incorrectly. I can't be asked to check now, I've got OCR Business Studies soon!

    Btw, Fiona_smims... no offence, but

    u g0t 0wn3d!

    I felt the same way, dont worry.
    I though i did terribly and considering im aiming for an A* i felt like a got a B

    But ill tell you what helps go through all the questions in your head, write them down and put a tick next to the ones you think you got right and a cross next to the ones you think you got wrong, it turnes out i think i got over 80% right, obviously iv made mistakes so this doesnt reflect my grade, but try it, it helps oh and btw i agree with the person who called that other person arrogent its tru you made me feel very small after that comment and i doubt you are the most intelligent person in this room. Also i hope that the fact you finished it so fast,(and happened to put the time in to decimals, i mean wtf) i hope you mucked up
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Updated: June 16, 2004


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