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Northern Ireland - English people lack of awareness watch

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    Why? Why is it so hard for English people to understand that Northern Ireland is not part of the country of Ireland? I'm sick of people saying to me that i'm Ireland! None of my family are from down there and I actually hardly ever go down there! The only time I go down is to get to Dublin airport to fly to America and that's all! I'm actually closer to Glasgow than Dublin.

    I also don't have an Irish accent! Our accent is absolutely nothing like that, I don't sound anything like people in say Dublin or Cork. I would say my accent is more like a Scottish accent than an Irish accent!

    I understand that English people don't really care but surely it isn't too hard to understand that Northern Ireland is a separate country? I've actually said to people that i'm from Northern Ireland and they still insist that i'm from Ireland! It infuriates me!

    Honestly, I am not a bitter person this just irritates the hell out of me, I find that I am constantly having to bite my tongue!

    Why can you not just say Northern Ireland?!
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    then why is there Ireland in the name?
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    I don't think English people realise how different we really are though. I doubt they realise that we use a different currency, country code, education system and health system etc.

    You know we really are actually separate jurisdictions, we aren't one country. I realise this is a sensitive issue but at the same time I don't think it would be too hard for them to gather that Northern Ireland isn't actually part of Ireland. Do they not even watch the news? The news never refers to NI as Ireland.
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