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    So basically I am taking A-levels next year and here is a list of subjects that I have chosen:
    -English Literature
    Well my parents wanted me to do law, though I am not 100% convinced that law is the path for me. I heard that there are no specific A-level subjects needed to get into law school, so I chose english. lit since it is essay-based, and 3 other science subjects to keep my options wide open. Who knows maybe i wake up 1 morning and decided i wanted to go for science-related fields. So what do you guys think?
    also I left out physics cause i was horrible at it.

    Another question: fortunately I was able to get a scholarship to study A-levels, though the school offers Edexel A-levels. People told me that CIE are tougher than Edexel and CIE is more recognized worldwide thinks like that....so I am starting to doubt whether Edexel is a good choice.
    My question is how will Edexel affect me in the future as compared to CIE? Are there uni/colleges out there that only look at CIE?
    and btw the structure for both is the same right? (100% exam-based?)
    Thanks alot!

    A few important things:
    1. Don't do law because your parents want you to, unless you genuinely want to. Also, you don't have to do law to become a lawyer and many lawyers haven't actually studied law.
    2. I don't think unis pay too much attention (if at all) to exam boards.
    3. Make sure that all the subjects you picked are things you enjoy and are good at. Otherwise you'll either have no motivation to learn or get lower grades than you need/want.
    Good luck!

    Unfortunately you won't be able to keep all of your options open. While English for Law is good and I imagine they would appreciate Maths as well, you only have 1 essay subject which they may view as a disadvantage. Your choices do seem good though; 3 sciences will mean that science at university will always be open to you and English is a nice balancer.

    I know from speaking with admissions tutors and other people who work at universities that the general opinion towards Law a-level in Law faculties ranges from ambivalent to disparaging. Since almost everything you would learn in Law a-level will be blitzed through at the beginning of a Law degree many places consider it a waste of an a-level and would prefer you do something else like History or English.

    Also in regards to your parents putting pressure on you, please don't let them dictate your decisions. I have seen so many friends burn out and end up doing terribly or going down paths they don't want because of pushy parents. I know it's tough, but I'm sure if you explained these things to them they would understand. I cancelled my university place a week before I was meant to go in September because I'd signed on to do something that I was good at but didn't enjoy one bit. It took me a long time to build up the nerve to do it and now I have to sit on my arse for a year while I go through UCAS again applying for something I do enjoy. Don't make the same mistake, do what you love and do it because you want to, not because your parents want you to.

    (Also I'm pretty sure exam boards don't matter. They're all trusted and accepted, all that matters is your grades.)

    Exam boards definitely don't matter. Opinions of them fluctuate year by year anyway as the difficulty is about the same across all exam boards. I think your options are v good for keeping your options open and I think English, Maths and a science would be a sound combination for law, provided you had an A/A* prediction in English.
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    so Science subjects will do me good if i apply to law school?
    Maybe i'' go with Eng.Lit, Maths, Chem, Bio then since there are no specific requirements by law school...though I am considering swapping chemistry with history.
    is that good too? (Eng lit, History, Maths and Bio (my favorite of the 3 science subjects)

    I think they're both strong combinations for Law and honestly in general. I know from speaking to Law tutors that History and English are sought after so it might be a good idea to take English, History, Maths and Biology. Be careful though, as doing less than three sciences may go against you if you change your mind about Law and wish to venture into the sciences. The best thing to do if you're unsure would be to ring up the admissions tutors for Law at universities you think you might apply to and ask their advice, they were very helpful to me.
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