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So I'm applying to university and I'm having a bit of a problem with my application...

I completed an AS in Biology with Edexcel in June 2014. I repeated year 12 and did AS Biology with AQA in June 2015 and due to circumstances I received a lower grade than what I got the first year with Edexcel. I then transferred/converted my Edexcel grade to AQA so I was able to continue with my school's AQA A2 course. I'm retaking an AS unit (an Edexcel paper) in June 2016.

My problem is related to filling in the 'education' section on UCAS. I know that I should put the GCE Advanced Subsidiary as being done with AQA, as the conversion to AQA has been completed. However, for the unit I am retaking, what exam board should I put down? Should it be Edexcel as the exam I am sitting will be an Edexcel paper, or AQA as the retaken unit will become part of an AQA A2 qualification? I really want to send my application off ASAP but I don't want to put the wrong thing. I emailed JCQ and they told me to ask AQA who haven't yet replied. Any help is appreciated

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