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    Imagine if there were two people were in a room. One, a man with sharp, yellow teeth, demonic eyes, a crooked back, muddy hands, dirty fingernails, wearing ripped rags and an demented smile, and the other; a little girl, only 8 years old, who was crying her eyes out for her money. If I were police inspector, and you were brought into a room, and I told you that one of the two people in the room was a murderer, who would you pick?

    Society has always been judgmental on our looks. Looks have become everything some people aspire to do; it doesn’t matter about education,but the latest iPhone or the Calvin Klein underwear does. I was in a changing room, about a month ago and saw that a member of my class was being bullied because he wore underwear from ‘Next’. Firstly, I asked myself “Why were they looking at his underwear?”, and then asked “Why does anyone care?”

    Apart from being, as a people in the 21st Century,consumed by consumerism, how we ‘look’ is a much heavier topic. As humans, we like to ‘look good’. People like Marilyn Manson (<3) have been judged just because they choose to look a certain way. In the United States of America, a Goth was run over, and killed, by a ‘jock’. When he was taken to court, the jury agreed that it was the Goth’s fault for wearing ‘provocative clothing’. The jock went on to get a sporting scholarship, and the case was dismissed.However, if it were the opposite, and the Goth murdered a ‘jock’, then it would be whole different story, all because the boy likes black hair and wears a bit of make-up.

    What has happened to our morale? We have become blinded by people's looks, that we don’t see the content of people’s hearts anymore.

    We(well, I do. Many people may do, but I haven’t met anyone that does) don’t judge people because of their personality, but we judge them because they have pretty face, or a nice body or whatever. This is what the world has come to.

    Please feel free to comment a reply to this. I just thought I needed to get a few things out of my system
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