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So my predicted grades are:
English language: A*
English literature: A*
History: A*
Geography: A*
Maths: A
Spanish: A/A*
Physics: A
Chemistry: A*
Biology: A*

So I want to take chemistry seeing as it's my all time favourite subject, and I also want to take maths. I want to take Spanish but I am better at English. I don't enjoy history but I am good at it. I enjoy biology but apparently it is hard at a level.

1). English or Spanish?
2). Should I take history?
3). How hard is biology?
4). How hard is maths?
5). How hard is chemistry?
6). How hard is Spanish?
7). How hard is English?
8). How hard is history?
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1) depends what you want to do at uni - some courses require you to have english lit so have a look! other than that, language students are v desirable at the moment!
2) i did history at a level and it is probably only something you should do if you enjoy it as it is v time consuming!
3) biology is hard at a level, a lottttt to remember and revise
4) math is ok if you enjoy it - but you have to do 3 papers and buy an expensive calculator haha
5) not sure about chem - I'm sure you'll be fine!
6) languages are hard but well worth it (speaking as a french student) its very rewarding!!
7) english is easy
8) history is hard but i enjoy it so don't mind (doing french and history at uni), just a lot of dates and laws etc to remember.

hope this helps!

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