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Hey everyone, I've recently obtained some of my offers from university so providing everything goes according to plan this year, I should be studying for my LLB this time next year

I'm a UK citizen, no questions about it, however, I am very keen to pursue my career in the United States. Due to the nature of my mother's career, we spend an awful lot of time stateside each year, with around five trips, primarily to NYC and Southern California. Having discovered a much greater love for life over there, it is for this reason that I would ideally like to spend my adult-life in California, practising either aviation law or on the legal team of an airline (again, mainly due to family links).

Thus, I am wondering what post-graduate options I should be considering. Obviously whatever option I go for will have to qualify me to practise law in the United States, however, what options are there to do this? I've read somewhere that a Masters in the UK can translate into a qualifying course to practise in both NY state and California- however there is so much contrasting information out there I just cannot seem to put my finger on one!

Ideally, were there to be an option of study in the UK, that would be preferable as it leaves career options open at home were something to force me back here for a few years.

Whatever options you're able to suggest/recommend would be greatly helpful! It's a long way off but given the cost of higher education these days, particularly across the pond, I figured some forward thinking can't do any harm!

Thank you in advance

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