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Tammy was charged with the offence of theft. In a pre-trial meeting, Tammy told Lily (Legal executive) that an independent witness, Kitty, could prove that the stolen property in fact belonged to Tammy but she was unwilling to give evidence for Tammy in the trial. Tammy ashed Lily whether a witness summons should be issued to call Kitty as a defense witness. Lily advised Tammy not to apply for a witness summons against Kitty. Tammy was convicted and sentenced to 12 months imprisonment. Tammy hired another law firm to appeal against the conviction and the new law firm applied for a witness summons calling Kitty as a defense witness and Tammy was found not guilty. Tammy sued the Law Firm and Lily for professional negligence.Is this a question of pure economic loss caused by negligent statement or personal injury (psychiatric)?

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