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I'm an American so I have less knowledge about which uni is best apart from where they stand on the tables, which is really inconsistent anyway. Last week I received and unconditional offer to Edinburgh for International Business. I also have conditional offers from Newcastle and Durham (neither of which I'm considering), plus Warwick who has asked for a 555 on 3/5 AP tests I am potentially taking which while it is easier than an AAA is still going to be hard, especially since I have to self study two of them due to overcrowding at my high school. The one uni I haven't heard from is Manchester, who sent me an email yesterday saying my application was on hold for two weeks because they want scanned photocopies of my AP and SAT scores, but I've emailed them explaining that some of the scores are only available online, and if you want the company that runs them to send scores to unis, it will cost about $50 for all of them and will take 1-2 months to send overseas. Should I even bother with Manchester or Warwick, or should I just cancel my Manchester application and firm Edinburgh? The only person I know to go through the UK education system (raised in London, recent Oxford grad) said I should pick Edinburgh, does anybody have any reason why I should go (or attempt to go) somewhere else?

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