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Hi guys,

I was wondering if anybody could help me pretty please. I am currently working on a law assignment and part of the criteria is "describe the advantages and disadvantages of the use of PROFESSIONALS in jury service". I have no notes on this part as I missed a bit of college due to pregnancy sickness. I have looked around the internet and can only find information on the adv & dadv on juries in general. I would really appreciate it if someone can help.

This is what I have written so far....(I feel as though this isn't enough info for the criteria)

As of the Criminal Justice Act 2003 judges, lawyers, and the police are now eligible for jury service, and many people feel this may lead to bias. This has even been challenged in the European Court of Human Rights regarding the right to a fair trial, particularly regarding police officers on the jury. It was stated that they must let the judge know if they know anyone involved in the case, as do all jurors. Only those who prove they cannot serve at any time in the 12 months from the date they are summoned will be excused, and then only in exceptional circumstances. If a person is supposed to attend jury service but fails to do so without exclusion, they may be faced with a fine of up to £1000 for non-attendance.

Legislation was passed designed to end the ‘middle-class opt-out’ for jury service. Professionals who were previously ineligible or automatically exempt, including police, judges, lawyers, doctors and clergy, must now serve unless they can show ‘good cause’ to be excused. Some trial judges fear judges' and lawyers' specialist knowledge could make it harder for a defendant to get a fair trial.

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