Likeliness of getting the university accommodation if I'm from London

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Hey, I currently am studying at university but wish to drop out and re-apply for King's for entry in September 2016.

However I'm from London and my family live there, so I'm just wondering what is the likelihood of getting an accomodation offer from KCL if this is the case? I've checked their regulations on this and I sadly live inside one of the post codes that KCL give limited offers too. But, for personal reasons I don't want to get in to, my home in London is not appropriate for me to live in, especially if I am going to be a university student. So I'm very anxious I will be forced to live at home because of KCL's system.

Therefore I'm asking what are the chances I will be given an accommodation offer? I want to know so if the chances are slim, then I'll look for private accommodation. If the chances are high, then I don't have to, and I can start my student finance forms. I sadly don't know any KCL students so that's why I've come here for advice.

King’s College London
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Hi there,

Thanks for your question!

If you’re interrupting your studies or withdrawing from King’s you will need to contact the Student Residences team to fill the Change of College Notification form.

With regards to room applications for next academic year 2016, you will need to follow the same process and apply as a new undergraduate/postgraduate. It would be a good idea to keep an eye on our accommodation web pages for updates and application dates.

We can be contacted directly on telephone number + 44 (0) 207 407 0083 if you require any further assistance.

Hope that helps!

Best wishes
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Can you use your current accommodation address to apply? Technically that's your current home address. But if you plan on moving back to London before starting at Kings then it might be a problem as they will probably send you letters etc to where you're staying at the moment.

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