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I am currently in my final year of sixth form and it has been a dream of mine for a few years now to get a job in clinical psychology and eventually, psychoanalysis.

I suffer from mental illness myself and I have been seeing psychologists and psychoanalysts for the past 4 years. I also suffer from delayed sleep phase disorder and possibly narcolepsy (my doctor can't confirm this until the DSPD has been treated).

Because of my health, my school attendance has been between 40%-80% since my 2013. I did alright in my GCSEs but did badly with my A2 subjects as I find it very difficult to stay awake during the exams and obviously missed a lot of lessons.

Despite getting As and Bs in classwork and homework, my exam grades always end up a lot lower since I fall asleep so often (the stress of exams makes it a lot harder to stay awake). I was told by my school that if my doctor can write to the exam board explaining my condition, I would be able to get my predicted grade instead of the exam grade. However, I did this and still ended up with a U, D and an E.

School and exams are very difficult for me and I'm afraid I won't be able to pursue a career in psychology due to lack of qualifications. I am not planning to go to university next year but I am considering going in the future. If my grades end up being too bad for me to get into a university, are there other steps I can take to become a clinical psychologist ?
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Sadly not. Clinically psychology is a heavily academic profession requiring a bachelors degree (at least a 2:1 grade), masters degree and then a doctorate. You're therefore looking a 8 years of university education so you will need sustained academic achievement over that length of time to make the cut.

Perhaps look at other careers within mental health that don't require such academic rigor.

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