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Im studying sociology at A2 and im not very good if im honest so i'd really appreciate it if someone could give me some advice on the start of my essay project and if you have any tips it would be much appreciated.

Assess the view that media representations of gendercontinue to follow well-worn stereotypes. (33) Historically in the media gender was very stereotypical andcould discriminate some genders in certain areas of the media. For examplewoman in the past in the media were the only ones who were housebound and wholooked after the house whilst their partner was at work providing for thefamily. In advertisements in the media in the past woman were the ones who wereused in cleaning products advertisements which gave a strong stereotypical viewthat women should be the ones staying at home looking after the house. However,the stereotypes in the media have been changing over the past decade or two andis showing more equality in gender roles. For example men are also being usedin advertisements in the media in cleaning product ads which they didn’t usedto be included in. This shows that gender roles are starting to mix and changeso that the stereotypes which have been developed over time do not matter asmuch. Men and women have lately been accepted by society to mix gender roleswithout being judged and certain genders are not demonised for doing thesejobs/roles. Radical feminists would argue that patriarchy was broughtabout by men to control their set of ideas and beliefs which then gives offthese stereotypical views that men should be the ‘breadwinner’ and the womenshould be the one who stays home and looks after the children. Guy Cumberbatchlooked at advertising in the 1990s and found that men outnumbered woman by 2:1on the screen and 89% of voice overs were male. This supports the idea that mencontrol what ideas and beliefs are presented in the media which can bring aboutstereotypes. Also, firestone argues that patriarchy is based on the biological factthat only females can carry children in the womb and it is impossible for malesto do this. Therefore, gender differences will still be around until it becomespossible for children to be able to conceive and nurture outside the womb. Thissuggests that as soon as it is possible, the gender differences will disappear alongwith stereotypes between genders and equality will be brought about. Bouchierargues that the family is the real source of which exploits women. The familydo this by the men having power over the women which will allow the men toexploit the women and control them which will promote their ideas and beliefsof what men think women’s roles should be. This suggests that because of themen having power over the women the stereotypes are still able to berepresented in the media as the people who is in power behind the big companiesin the media are mainly men from the upper class who have lots of power andmoney. Therefore they have the resources to promote their beliefs about thewomen which allow stereotypes to arise still in the media. These stereotypescan then have a negative effect on the audience of the media and influence themto believe these stereotypical gender roles and sometimes demonise either sexbecause of their roles. �]���V

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