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could someone please mark my introduction on the history boys and give me any feedback asap thanks.

the question I have been given is:- How does Alan Bennett present the character of Hector? Refer closely to the text in your answer to support your views.

in this essay I will focus on how Bennett presents the character of Hector in his play the History Boys where I will use evidence from the script to support my answers.
In this play I think I will find Bennetts use of various language techniques to describe how Hectors character reflects the audiences view about hectors complex and diverse character.

The history boys is a humorous play that Bennett wrote regarding eight boys who have just received their A-level results and have just been told by felix the headmaster of cutlers grammar school for boys that their results are the best the school have seen and that they will be stopping on for one more push to prepare the boys for their entrance exams into oxford and Cambridge universities.
In this play Bennett introduces hectors character as a eccentric and secretive person which gives the audience the opinion that Hector is a good teacher and very likeable by the eight boys until he is caught by Felix's wife and his secret reveals another part of his life.

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