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Hi i am wondering what do i need to know about computer science beforehand if i am going to study it in uni. i am in my last year in college i dont know what to do in uni however, i do IT in college .I want to do something linked to IT in uni but i dont know if the computer science course is right for me. So can u give me some tips what i need to know about computer science beforehand. Is there anyway that i can tell if any of the courses are right for me like is there any website that your aware of that i can go and see if its easy or difficult for me so in that way it could give me a hint.

and what do i need to know about web design beforehand

what is more difficult computer science or web design ?

which is better in your opinion in a sense for jobs
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You generally don't need to know anything computer science related before going to uni. They tend to teach from first principals. Those who choose the subject generally fall into two camps. There are the uber geeks who seem to revel in catching out the lecturer and everyone else who will have varying levels of interest in the subject.

Computer Science will give you a good grounding in programming, networking, operating systems, software development, web design and infrastructure, computer graphics, databases and more besides depending on which course / uni you pick. With a degree, you have lots of options to go into software development, IT infrastructure, networking, big data, cloud computing - you name it.

Web design is a small component of the bigger computer science picture. I think most would put it more towards the bottom of the difficulty pile in most instances although the more complex the site and the bigger the site in terms of users, the harder it gets. I would bet that Google for example is probably one of the most sophisticated sites in the world.

Make sure you go to lots of opens days and ask lots of questions.

Good luck.

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