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I have been suffering from mental health issues and delayed sleep phase disorder/narcolepsy for the past few years.

Sitting in exam conditions (quiet, no stimulation, sitting still), I am extremely likely to fall asleep. It is rare for me to take an exam without falling asleep or at least finding it very difficult to stay awake.

Last year, despite getting As all year in my English lit class, I could not stay awake at all to do the exam. I was told that if my doctor wrote to the exam board explaining my condition, I would receive my predicted grade since I couldn't do the exam. However this didn't work out and I got a U.

Although I was not quite so tired in my other three exams, (2 psychology papers, 1 philos/ethics), I still found it hard to stay awake, obviously resulting in bad concentration and difficulty remembering things. In those two subjects, I got an E and a D. I had been getting Bs and Cs in the months prior to the exams.

I now have to retake so many exams that I will have a total of 11 to do this summer.
I really feel like there's no point because I obviously do not have the capability to take exams and the grades I receive throughout the year clearly have no value to universities or employers. I will definitely not be getting good grades and the stress of having so many exams to take will only result in my sleep and health problems getting worse.

Should I just drop out?
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Sorry you've not had any responses about this. Are you sure you’ve posted in the right place? Posting in the specific Study Help forum should help get responses.

I'm going to quote in Tank Girl now so she can move your thread to the right place if it's needed. :yy:

(Original post by Tank Girl)

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