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My question for the coursework on this module was "Provide an evaluation of the management structure at the company in the case study and show how this affects workers’ motivation levels. Ensure that you support your findings with appropriate theory, models and/or concepts and include feasible and realistic recommendations on what changes could be beneficial. " it has to be 2000 words and I was wondering what topics I could discuss. I've commented on the different management theories such as:
Scientific management (Taylor),
Maslow's hierarchy of needs,
Herzberg's Two-factor theory,
XY Theory (McGreggor).

I also talked about the owners perspective to management and how its unitary. I've tried to link these points to how it impacts on the management :

Financial incentives and how they are positive and negative (commission)
The Hawthorne Experiments by mayo (lack of consideration of the human relationships)
Herzbergs factors again and how theres an imbalance between Hygiene and Satisfaction factors.

I want to talk about what options are out there fore the company too:
Consider motivational factors of herberg's theory
satisfying the maslows hierarchy
Rewards systems other than pay
Choosing Y theory over X theory (McGregor)
Vrooms expectancy theory
and Financial incentives

I them want to make a recommendation based on the most suitable theories as to how to improve the current management structure to improve motivation.
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2000 words isn't a whole heap of space to cover the ragbag of theories listed. Make sure you answer the question fully, rather than use up your word count with an information dump.

Divide your plan into sections, allocate a word count for each section, and write economically. Here's a clue: staff like to feel that their opinions are valued, or at least, heard.

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