What is Natural Evil and where does it come from?

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Moral evil, seems fairly obvious to have come from humans through our free will. However, natural is harder to both justify and accept and actually explain. I'm looking at this more through a religious way i.e. different theodicies and beliefs about how natural evil occurs. From what I understand:

The Augustinian Theodicy - suggests it comes from satan and his 'cohorts', and that it is also a result of moral choice.

Hicks/irenaeus theodicy = says that natural evils provide trials and testing so that humans grow into the likeness of God. Free choice can impact on natural evil e.g. pollution, and that it generally provides a challenge for humans to overcome enabling them to become closer to the likeness of God.

Process thought - says that natural evil is mainly here because God is not omnipotent and therefore cannot stop it. Also that it is because God is still creating the world and therefore is moving/adjusting things = causing earthquakes etc.

Is there any other arguments out there focused on natural evil? from either personal thoughts, scholars, or theodicy ideas? I know Peter Vardy writes about natural evil in his book 'Puzzle of Evil.' And other scholars write various things but I'm missing depth! Let me know

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