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    (Original post by ickle_katy)
    thats a really pathetic twist to put on things. different people take different lengths of time to deal with things. going through a divorce is a grieving process. if you think its as easy as getting up the next day and getting on with life then i suspect you havnt come to terms with it yet....and one day it will hit you hard. and i only hope that you'll have people around you to support you.
    How dare you imply i'm in denial or haven't come to terms with it, that's not the case at all. Lets just say that if divorce is your biggest issue in life i envy you. Parents divorce when they're unhappy, it makes them happier, how can it be bad? I need to support, i got through 6 years of depression on my own and the last thing i need is to be patronised.

    I only knew 3 or 4 other people who had divorced parents, and 3 who's father had died. I accept divorce sucks, but it's just a matter of **** happens really, i don't think that it should be dwelled upon.

    I don't like the way people don't like assumptions that others make about them being privilliged and stuff. Most people i've known who thought these assuptions were being made, had no reason to believe that. They were just socially paranoid and thought that other's envied them and disliked them for because of who they thought they were. Simple solution is just take everything easy and don't stress about stuff.

    I think a "Familly deaths within 6 months of national exams" pole would be interesting. (0, 1, 2, 3, 4+ death options)

    My parents are seperated - this happened almost exactly a year ago - which is weird as it certainly doesn't feel that long ago. For a long time it was thought that maybe my parents would eventually get back together but I think I always knew they wouldn't and my mum has now catagorically told me that they won't be. Although I don't think she is that bothered about getting a divorce.
    Anyway - it is made more complicated because my dad has had trouble accepting this - and despite the fact my mum has told him she isn't coming back, he still thinks he wants the family life back. Personally I think this is due partly to his depression as if we did all become 'a family' again - I think he would go back to being pretty ill and awful again.
    They have however, been unhappy for years - my dad has manic depression which has been un-diagnosed by around 10 years - he wasn't a very nice person on many occasions, I can remember when i was younger - going and sitting in their bedroom each morning so that if they started to argue I would be able to stop them.
    I do think that things like this can have varied affects on people - I thought I was coping pretty well last year - but I look back on it now and can see that there were times when I had clearly gone a bit nutty with the stress of trying to sort out my parents! :rolleyes:

    Out of my three closest friends - Charlotte's parents divorced when she was about three, she is fine with it but hates her dads new partner. Shosh's paents divorced during year 8 in secondary school - she is the unemotional type and seemed to cope ok but her younger sister turned depressive and is now on prozac. Lucy's parents are together - but they don't live together, her dad built up his business and sold it - is now pretty much a millionaire and flys his helicopter to and from Guernsey - where he lives to avoid taxation!!

    (Original post by tammypotato)
    my mom and dad keep on fighting all the time, they told us like zillion time that they want to divorce bt it never happens! i actually wish sooooooooooooooooooo much that they divorce coz i know they dont love each other anymore and they only together coz of my lil bro and sis! its sooo annoying! i told my mom 2 trow my dad out n she has thougth about it bt she never does anyfing:mad:! grrr
    I was just about to ask if anyone here with married parents wishes their parents would divorce/separate..

    Nothing particularly wrong with either of my parents, apart from the few flaws i hate most & was lucky enough to inherit, but it's just not a marriage i want to replicate.. It's sad when parents stay together 'for the kids' while the kids are sick of it all and just wish they would separate.

    I wish mine would - they clearly don't get on! I'm sure it'll happen soon after i've left home.. :rolleyes:
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