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Hey guys , I found a GCSE Maths topic list, for foundation tier (EdExcel). I hope it helps you revise., Or know what to revise.

1- Integers
2- Decimals
3- Coordinates
4- Angles, lines and triangles
5- Reading scales and converting units
6- Collecting data
7- Charts and graphs
8- Symmetry, Similarity and Congruence
9- Types of number
10- Introduction to algebra
11- Constructions
12- Patterns and sequences
13- Properties of quadrilaterals and parallel lines
14- Fractions
15- Pie charts
16- Fractions, decimals and percentages
17- Applications of percentages
18- Algebra using powers and brackets
19- Ratio and proportion
20- Linear equations and inequalities
21- Perimeter and area
22- 3-D shapes
23- Real-life graphs
24- Straight line graphs
25- Compound measures
26- Timetables and distance-time graphs
27- Volume
28- Probability
29- Formulae
30- Angles, properties of polygons
31- Transformations
32- Scatter graphs and correlation
33- Averages and range
34- Quadratic graphs
35-Trial and Improvement
36- Circles
37 Pythagoras’ Theorem

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