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I'm a student at the University of Portsmouth studying Geography, in my second year. I just transferred from Uni of Chester studying Phys Geo after 2 years and I'm here to retake my second year.

I've taken a more hand-on approach and I'm trying to revise. I had an exam today and I got 33.75/100. (Shockingly disappointing). I tried everything. I rewrote my notes a week ago and tried revising and in the end I've got a bad mark. The exam counts towards 33% of my module grade.

I've lost all motivation and faith in me. And I really don't know what to do. This was a multiple choice computer test and I felt that I was going to get at least a 2:1 and ace it.

To put it into perspective, I did a Powerpoint presentation in a group and got a first class. I have the potential, I just don't know where to get it.

Please help me. Frankly. at the moment, if I **** up my University studies, I'll have lost all my dreams and aspirations and there'll be nothing for me if I don't graduate.
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I'm also a second year BSc Geographer although I'm not at your university. First off, I'd say try not to panic too much, I know you're resitting second year but this could just be a blip especially since you did so well in your presentation. The question is are you revising in the right way? I have one module assessed by MCQ tests and for those I generally learn by re-writing my notes over and over because its more memory based unlike an essay which is more a mix of memory and understanding. By re-writing my notes I mean I write them out in full a few times, looking at them less each time so they are coming from memory. Then I create a mindmap for each topic again trying not to look at my notes at all. Then I just spend ages talking about them to myself (which sounds nuts) but it gets it to stay in your head all joined up so as you start thinking about one thing the other bits follow on. I have trouble with it purely because I get bored of the same information after a while but then you have to power through, is this maybe where you have an issue?

Also how much is the weighting of this test as you can make it up elsewhere even if it is 50% its not game over yet. Go to the lecturer and see if you can get any feedback, they always have time for people who want to learn. Maybe find a different way of revising, with a friend maybe? Flashcards are one of my best ways of revising as you can take them anywhere That does make me sound a bit odd but it works. Just remember we all screw up because we're human and that's part of the game.

I realise you posted this three weeks ago so I hope the situation is looking up for you now but if not I hope this helps a little bit and isn't too rambly! Good luck!

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