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So I completed the first year of a course at my first university but decided to leave at the end of the year and transfer to second year elsewhere on a similar course the following academic year. There was no gap year.

However my former university told student finance that I was a withdrawn student that led to two SFE applications being cancelled before being told I needed to apply as a new student for funding at the new university.

I have been told many things by SFE and the two universities I am dealing with, with some saying I shouldn't have an overpaid grant and some saying I should. I was also not told about the possibility of the overpaid grant.

1) SFE said I should be a continuing student but because my former university classed me as a withdrawal I have to apply as a new student. The former university needs to state that I am a transfer. However my former university says they can't classify me as a transfer. This is despite transferring over my results to the new university and writing a reference! My current university also says that my former university should have classed me as a transfer.

2) My new university submitted a change of circumstances saying I did transfer into the course but the overpaid grant still stands.

3) Then Student Loans are saying I am not a transfer because I need to transfer within the same academic year to be classified as a transfer. I know friends who have been in the same situation as I but have not had to repay anything.

Has anyone else had this issue and what has been the outcome. I am at the point of literally pulling my hair out because I keep getting told different things!

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