Research Literacy in Psychology Assignment- Help Please!

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I have been tasked with writing an Introduction for the classic Milgram Obedience Experiment. This assignment is worth 50% of my overall grade. I have worked hard on this assignment but when I asked my professor to look at it before I submitted it he said it was weak. IF any of you can help me strengthen my introduction I would greatly appreciate it. Also I am terrible at grammar and if any of you could proof what I already have I would greatly appreciate it. Furthermore this introduction is in APA format not MLA.

Thank you for your time. Below is my introduction.

Children are taught from a very early age to respect and acknowledge authoritative figures and this is interpreted as obedience. However the definition of authority is somewhat vague as it is whatever makes people obey (Arendt, 1950). We know through previous studies that obedience manifests itself through social power, (Cartwright, 1959) and the structure of an obedient society, (Weber M, 1947). Typically obedience is in the form of an individual submitting to the desires, authority and power of another individual. (Cartwright, 1959). The extent to this obedience has yet to be determined. There have been many studies that focused on aggression in relation to obedience (Buss, 1961) and the authoritarian figure (Rokeach, 1961) giving the orders, yet there is a lack of understanding in terms of how far an individual will go in order to follow an order. Understanding this gap in our understanding of obedience may help us to understand the individuals that bomb buildings, commit genocide and live as slaves. The purpose of this study is to empirically analyze the extent of obedience each participant is willing to show when instructed to shock other people with increasingly higher voltages of electricity. Obedience is defined as the complete compliance of the subject and disobedience is when the participant no longer wishes to continue the experiment. We hypothesized that the participants in this study will disobey their orders before violating their own ethics.

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