University Economics graduate, 24, thinking to study Musics at Conservatoire

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I completed a 4-year Economics undergraduate degree in Scotland half a year ago. My parents have been influential in the choice to study this at university. They have also never supported my music studies, which were halted at the age of 10, despite my begging to continue doing music.

By the time I was 10, I had already done about 3 years of music on and off, mostly classical training, participating in music contests and so on. Now I barely remember all music technical training and can only read notes very slowly.

I am naturally gifted with a soprano voice, clear and Italianate opera diction. My note range is quite big, too. I am a quick learner and pick things up fast.

Question: What is the likelihood that I can get into a Conservatoire and study Musics (vocal studies) given my background? Also, I do not know exactly how the performing arts work - would you easily find work at the Opera after you graduate?

More about me: I should mention that I'm 24...
My entire life has been about doing well at school, high school, university. Now, there's nothing left of me and have undergone a big identity crisis and clinical depression. No one was able to help so I just had to sit aside and think about what's best for me and what makes me happy. I had quit my job in the financial sector and couldn't care more. I had lost motivation and can now say that taking time to think and quitting my job was probably the only thing I have ever done for myself. For myself. Out of my own will.

So, please share your experiences and your thoughts. I'd greatly appreciate.

Thank you.
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you need to book consultation lessons with singing teachers at some of the conservatoires to get their opinion and to be told how ready you are to go there. I think that even for the very best, the Opera world is extremely competitive, but I'm sure that they will be realistic in their assessments.

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