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Who closes the bus door when the bus driver gets off

This came to my head a few hours ago and it's driving me mad
I think they have a button at the outside of the bus.
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Lmao. You know the emergency button near the door? That can double up as closing the door when the engine is switched off. There is no way to get back in after that other than by the key I believe. Forgive me if I'm wrong but I think the first half of that statement is correct.
They employ a special kind of cat to do this, one for each vehicle.
You know when the driver appears to have closed the door on someone? -- yeah, well that was probably when they forgot to feed the cat.
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Plot twist, the driver never gets off.
yolo he leaves it open
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One of life's big mysteries ig....
If you acc look on the bus you get on, just outside the front doors, theres a button that opens and closes the doors.

Otherwise, they'd have to close the doors whilst they are on it and then run out just before it shuts innit which obviously is not the case.
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*mind blown*


i am a bus driver and i can tell u that in every bus (at least here) we have a very thin string that it is connected to the button to shut the door and when we come out we pull the string to shut it from the inside. very clever if u ask me
God does :colonhash:
James Deen does
Original post by bababasheep
This came to my head a few hours ago and it's driving me mad

This feels like one of those questions you'd only ask if you were high.
I want to know if hairdressers cut their own hair, and do dentists fill their own teeth? Why do Pringles have a plastic top if "once you pop you just can't stop"

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