"I am not smart enough"-why do parents and teachers feel the need to compare? Watch

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Sometimes i feel lonely and hopeless about my future life because i have failed my GCSEs and could not do A levels.

I got: C(maths, English, German) B(Religious studies) BTEC level 2 science, Business studies and Health and Social Care(pass x2)

It took me two shots to get my English and maths, but at least i passed them.

I now currently do the level 3 Health and Social care BTEC and still wondering where this will take me.

I don't see myself in any career because i feel like i am not smart enough for anything.

My big sister is 18 and opting for medicine and so is my little sister. I just feel stupid when i compare myself to them especially my younger sister who like 10x smarter than me and undergoing through GCSEs-she did like 4 times better in her mocks than me when i was in year 11.

My dad will sometimes compare our abilities academically and this makes me feel like a piece of **** because he does not seem to expect anything great of me due to the fact that i have ADD and a learning difficulties.

One of my friends in sixthfrom already got 5 offers from her choosen unis, whilst i am happy for her, i am disapointed in myself for not working hard enough at GCSE to be able to do A levels and be in her position now.

I don't know what to do, i feel lost and hopeless, even thought of commuting suicide.

I just want a better future for myself and be able to live comfortable and provide for my parents when they are older.

I need help, anyone?

Any advice.
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At this point in life you are confronted with two issues:
1) How to deal with parents who compare
2) How to improve academically

-How to deal with parents who compare-
1) Talk to them about it - tell them how you feel, they maybe clueless to your feelings
2) Don’t meet grumpiness with grumpiness- this won't make you feel any better
3) Ask whether you’re projecting your own negativity onto others- is it them who compare? or is it you?
4) Accept the inevitable if in fact it’s inevitable- accept that your siblings are more intelligent than you at the moment but do not accept that they work harder! you need to put in the hours starting NOW!
"Don't be upset by the results you didn't get with the work you didn't put in"

-How to improve academically
1) Retake Maths and English GCSE, uni's only care about these (plus any subjects you want to take for A-level)
2) Use TSR Study help for tips on how to improve
3) Ace your A-levels
4) Go to Uni
5) Get the job you desire! YOU not YOUR parents!


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