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Hello, I have an interview for a band 3 OT assistant with the NHS.

Is anybody here an OT assistant or an OT who can tell me what to expect at interview and what I might be expected to know? I have worked with OT's in the community doing rehabilitation work and in an acute mental health hospital as a support worker so I have an understanding of what OT's do but I have never met an OT assistant.

I think I know all the obvious questions that you would be asked at most interviews, about yourself, skills/weaknesses, how you want to progress, why you want the job etc. just hoping someone might have some more specific help or has had this interview before it's going to be three Occupational therapists conducting the interview.

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I'm not an OT but I went for interview as an OT assistant a couple years ago. The interview was a bit strange to me, it was a group interview with 3 of us.

we first were put into a room and asked to write individually what the role of an OT assistant is and why we wanted to do it. We were then all taken into the interview room an interviewed as a group by 4 people. we were just sat opposite then across a big table. They asked us individually typical what would you do if questions and were obviously looking for team work and organisation. (I didn't get the job) on reflection I would have asked the others if we could get in more an inclusive half circle formation so we could discuss things.

I hope that helps.

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