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Hello everyone,

My mock examinations for my 3 alevels are coming up in a matter of days, I have been revising for 2 weeks. I started late due to some family issues but anywho nothing I seem to be doing is sticking in my memory?

I take: Biology, Psychology and English Literature.

For biology I revise by typing up my notes on a word document, highlighting the key points printing the notes out and reading them. I have also been doing past papers and the questions that I get wrong I revise the topic and that seems to be working for the organelles topic, however not for biological molecules. I have also tried flash cards but to no avail the information seems to just go in one ear and out the other?

I also do the same for my other 2 A Levels except for psychology, I keep reading and writing out studies which helps and for English I reread the set texts and keep rereading quotations that will help me answer the random question in my exam.

Yet when it comes to practicing and rehearsing material for all a levels I can never seem to be able to get the information from my mind, I will read a question and forget the answer or have half of the material so I would get some marks but not full. However when I look at the answer the information comes back to me and I had already remembered it but just couldn't access the information from my mind lmao

I usually revise for an hour break for 15 minutes eat, drink, etc and I return to continue for another hour where I will break for 30 minutes and I increase these intervals over time. Is there anything I'm doing wrong? Can I have some really good indepth revision tips from those who have taken the same a levels as me or just any revision tips that work universally for all a levels

Sorry I'm new to this site so I just wrote as much information about my a levels as I could to help you answer my question, thank you!!
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I only do Biology but for Biology what I like to do is Posters. Sounds silly but if you struggle in a particular topic... for example Protein Synthesis, drawing out the process and researching every little bit so that you have a visual idea of what happens helps a lot.

Also for the Enzymes topic, I did a big brain storm poster and that helped A LOT, I think I get that topic the most now

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