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I am faced with a dilemma, I like both courses and have received an offer from each of them for Msci Geology however, which uni is better overall? If you have experience or know anything about these two Unis which may be useful for decision making please share! i.e Lecturers, course, reputation, student life, nightlife and general vibe of either place

Exeter has CSM for reputation and there are very nice facilities on campus with accommodation close by. The downside is the fact that the campus where I will be located is known as Penryn, next to and connected to Falmouth University. This seems like a very nice Cornish town but has a small population, there are only 3900 students living there, so I worry that there won't be much of a student life or experience studying there.

Southampton has a pretty good reputation but I'm not sure it is thought as good as CSM by employers. Southampton also has great facilities for the course however, I would have to pay for the bus and commute 45mins from campus to get to the NOCS building everyday. Southampton has a much greater population and I'm told has a really good student atmosphere and nightlife and this is something I liked about it when I visited.
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I live near Southampton and the nightlife is great. However I have friend who had to commute an hour each way between halls and NOCS, which is ridiculous. There is a great area for shopping, cinema and social things.

I'm at CSM, so maybe biased but I have no bad word to say about it. All the lecturers know everyone's name as its such a small course (approx 60). Penryn is indeed a tiny village, but Falmouth is five minutes (15 on slower bus route) and is full of students from CSM, Exeter uni, Falmouth uni and the Maritime school. Nightlife is more of a chilled vibe, with pubs which some people prefer. There is only one club, which is not the best - but certainly good if you're drunk. The Stannary (Bar on campus) holds regular parties though with different themes which are excellent. The best bit, halls are less than a five minute walk if you choose to stay in the student village - meaning you can nap between lectures when you have an hour free! Everyone in CSM are friends. You can honestly go to anyone for help or anything, no matter which year they're in. Coming from a very cliquey school and college, I couldn't get over how lovely everyone is and how you always have someone to go out with, no matter who you are.
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Just to correct you on a point you made.The bus service is free for 1st year students at Southampton and can be used on all Uni-link and Bluestar bus services. Depending on which halls you pick the commute can be a pain to say the least. My recommendations if you were to pick Southampton would be to live at Mayflower, liberty point or any other city centre based halls. Therefore you're in the middle of the two campuses.(20 mins each way) Also from first hand experience after just completing my first semester. I spent more hours at the Highfield campus (15 hours a week) than at NOCS (6 hours a week). [this can change depending on your optional modules and maths group].

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