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Long story about my personal situation that I am in and I have no one to help me so hoping a law student may have some advice. I was arrested so looking for criminal but this also involves my children so also advice from family law.

I have been looking after my sisters son since he was 8 months old for two nights a week while she works. He is now 20 months old. I have a daughter who just turned 3 and I have custody of my partners nephew who's 4. Was granted custody when he was 2 by the courts. Social Services placed him with us after a million assessments. Anyway

2 weeks ago my sisters 20 month old was sleeping on the settee. He woke up with massive red thick ears. I took pictures and sent to my sister and she said he is teething so may be connected and to keep an eye on him. He was fine. Next day she came to pick him up and while he's on her lap she notices the tops of his ears start bruising. Both ears, right at the top and the bruising are in perfect lines alone the top of your ear. We look on Google and it mentions blood so we get worried, my sister takes him to the GP who referred her to the hospital. The first doctor says he dunno what it is, send her home but gives her a follow up the following week for a health check.

The next week my sister takes him. This time its a new doctor. She keeps him in for a full week doing all x rays, blood tests. In the end she says its non accidental bruising and phones the police and social services.

The same night 8 police officers and a social worker come to my home to arrest me and my partner on child abuse. The social work shows me a form to sign that says I cannot be alone with my children un supervised. I refused to sign it so he said he would use police powers to take my kids and put them in a foster care so of course I signed it consenting to my mum supervising us.

I have my finger prints, dna everything done that an interview where I explained everything that happened. They release me and my partner with bail conditions 1)cannot be alone with any children under 16 unless social services approve and 2) to comply with social services.

Since this we have been living in my mothers one bed flat! My sister has gave a statement on our side saying we would never hurt him. The police nor social services have even seen these bruising as everyone is waiting for the doctor to give her report until then we have to live like this until February! When we answer bail.

I can only have legal aid so phone loads of solicitors and none has returned my phone call a part from one horrible cow that said Social services probably are in the process of doing a care removal and that everything is procedure and yet I spoke to a retired barrister online that said my 2nd bail condition is unlawful... They cannot tell me to comply with social services as they do not have authority over my parent responsibility as my children are not under a care order!

Since all this my nephews ears blew up again while in my sisters care and she took pictures. I showed the police who said they are not doing anything at the moment but will look! I showed social services who took notes and I phoned my solicitor who said "hmmmm let me know of any updates"

Christmas is in 2 weeks and I cannot be alone with my kids! know one is even bothered or trying to help me. I cannot stop crying every day, my kids keep asking when we can go home, me and my partner are arguing as he cannot cope with this, everything is a mess because they are all waiting on this one damn report! How can any of this be legal??????? There isn't one witness or evidence to say either of us have done this. The doctor cannot even explain how a person could inflict the bruises as they are so odd.. no finger marks or sratches! just perfect thin lines laying on top of both ears

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