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Join the TSR Model House of Commons today!

★ Have you ever fancied running the country yourself?
★ Tired of turning the news on to see yet another policy announcement you disagree with?
★ Do you have better ideas than the suits in charge?

Then become a member of the TSR Model House of Commons today!

We are TSR’s very own model parliament and provide a unique take on political debate; giving you the chance to discuss politics in an entirely new way by joining in debates and writing your own laws.

Every six months, we have a general election that anyone can vote in to elect a group of MPs spanning a vast array of parties and independents, and then, they form a Government and the game begins!

We give you the chance to chat politics in a unique, versatile and dynamic setting that makes it unlike anything else on the web. If you want fun, versatile, dynamic debate then come and join in right away!

Join a political party

TSR Conservative and Unionist Party
TSR Green Party
TSR Labour Party
TSR Liberal Party
TSR Socialist Party

Take your pick from one of the parties above and join their usergroup.

Any questions?

Ask the Speaker!
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