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I realise I might get some biased opinions on this forum, but I would still very much appreciate your insight on this! I'm a prospective PPE applicant for York. This might have been asked a million times, but I'll just have to pester you again:

I want to get your opinion on how good is the famous PPE-course at the University of York in terms of:

1. Teaching quality

2. Degree content/structure (e.g. are you happy with the course selection that you can choose from)

3. Job prospects in the UK

4. The prestige/"wow-factor" (e.g. Do people think highly of the PPE course at York and it's graduates/recognise it as a quality degree)?

And to spice it up, how would these 4 factors compare to PPE at Oxford?

There seems to be a thought floating around here and elsewhere that the York PPE-course is the best right after Oxford. So how far is York from the first place? Are the differences negligible?

Are Oxford PPE graduates in a stronger position in the job market for an example? Or are York and Oxford PPE graduates roughly equal?

Finally, what about other unis (Warwick, Durham, LSE, UCL etc.)? How do they compare?

The more opinions I get the better! Thanks in advance to everyone :3
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I'm currently studying PPE at York and could offer the best advise for you in choosing the best place to study PPE. Obviously my view on the PPE course will be narrow minded as I only know a lot about the York PPE course and not much about the others, but I will attempt to give you the best advise I can

The teaching quality at York is of a high standard. The lectures for Politics, Philosophy and Economics are very informative and the lecturers themselves are very passionate about there field of study. They also go out there way to help students outside of lectures to provide the best understanding of topics. Plus the York PPE course follows the Oxford model unlike Warwick, where they bridge between the subjects.

The course selection I'm happy with, however, if you are looking to do a masters in Economics you will need to do maths at A-Level or AS-Level in order to be on the Econometric PPE route. This consists of all the basic economics modules you would do as a normal PPE student, but will also include Statistics and Probability modules.

The job prospects can be seen at the following website http://www.thecompleteuniversityguid...ables/rankings for each of the individual discipline. For the course as a whole no job prospects are available apart from looking at the university website, which may be biased (as they include students doing further study as a job!!!). However, a friend who got 1st from York in PPE is now working at the treasury, so that shows the level graduates the York PPE course produces.

The PPE course is a prestigous course no matter where you go to study it, what helps on top of that is the fact that York is a Russell Group University, making the PPE course here even more prestigious.

However, in comparison to Oxford the York course will always be second best, based on the fact that Oxford is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. In comparison to Warwick, LSE, Exeter, etc. I can only offer limited advice. But from what I have heard the PPE course at Warwick is good, especially its economics strand....I would say that its is on par with York. As for Exeter I have heard the PPE degree is not very good given it has only been taught there for a small period of time. The same would go for UCL, LSE, etc. As for Durham I can say that the PPE course is not as good as York's or Warwick's.

As for jobs, Oxford students will have better chances in getting jobs, however, that doesn't mean getting a job at a high end firm is impossible. Employers look for experience and skills as well, the university you go to is not the only determinate on whether you get the job. Its mainly based on other factors, such as skills, experience, grades, etc. So don't worry about it to much.

If I was in your position my choices would be as follows:
1. Oxford
2. York
3. Warwick
4. Durham
5. Lancaster --> Back up
or some other variation.

However, it also depends on if you like the uni itself, and the only way to find that out is by going on open days.

If you have anymore questions don't hesitate to ask

Good luck with applications

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