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In a nutshell I have two offers - one from RAM with £2000 scholarship per year, one from RNCM with £6000 scholarship per year.

I've been juggling between the offers to no avail. RAM have John Orford who I like as a teacher but he is close to retiring age. Also there are 11 bassoonists at RAM at last count- would I get as much playing? I've been told by a bassoonist there that they do get alot but there's also quite alot of academic work. London is more competitive but is it worth it so I could make some incredible contacts?

RNCM has a smaller bassoon dept of around 7 bassoonists meaning more playing opportunities but also a less realistic idea of competition. RNCM is a friendlier institute but doesn't seem to have the same drive as RAM- personally if I don't feel out of my depth I won't be able to improve. I'm used to people needing bassoonists rather than having to reach near perfection to even be noticed lol... RNCM have alot of gig opportunities but I feel it is not as big a bassoon scene. I have heard good things of a couple of the tutors and will hopefully be having a couple of consultation lessons soon.

I've heard advice from both sides but anything else that anyone could say would be great!

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