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    Hi ,
    I have to choose my gcse options and i'm unsure what to choose but i have came up with a list of possiblitys which is :
    And art
    I just want to know what these subjects are like

    Art is good but it's a lot of work, especially if you are taking more academic subjects too because of the amount of time you need to fill up folders of coursework.

    ICT is pretty easy to pass but I didn't enjoy it that much. Though it does show some basic skills with computing which may be useful.

    Regarding history and geography most recommend you only consider one of them as they are similar and show similar key skills. Personally though I took both and did well in both, though I enjoyed history more than geography. Geography had a fair amount of map and graph reading unlike history which many in my class hated. Both subjects did coursework though geography was more field trip based...but we only went on two trips throughout the two years so it wasn't that exciting.

    I can't comment on the others as I didn't do them at GCSE.

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    I've done GCSE History and I really enjoyed it. What you learn will depend on the exam board but I did four units, all from the 20th century, and they were all very interesting. The exams I took had a specific structure and I found them fairly easy because over the course you learn how to answer each type of question. If you are interested in History, can learn facts well and don't mind doing lots of practice questions, I would recommend it. Also, it's a humanity, so part of the EBacc.

    I'm also doing Spanish, which I also enjoy. The current GCSE is made up of controlled assessments in two sections, reading and speaking, and exams in the other two, reading and listening. Depending on how much vocabulary you currently know, you might need to spend time memorising vocabulary, but it's likely that you'll pick most of it up over the course. It's more important to know a range of vocab for the exams, because you get preparation time for controlled assessents to look up vocabulary. You'll most likely go through different units e.g. school, holidays, the environment, and do either a speaking or writing assessment on each. (I know GCSEs are changing so you might do something completely different.) Languages are part of the EBacc too.

    The only other subject on your list that I do is RS, which is compulsory at my school. We study two units, with four sections in each, and look at the attitudes of two religions to different things. We have lots of class discussions about different issues and look at plenty of non-religious views. It's not based around learning lots of things about specific religions (which is what you may have done before in KS2 and KS3) but rather learning about an issue, facts about it, and different religious attitudes towards it.

    For example, in the Environmental and Medical Issues section of the specification we're studying, we learn about causes of global warming, causes and sollutions to pollution, two religions' teachings about stewardship (looking after the Earth), the nature and important of fertility treatments, religious attitudes to them, what organ donations is and religious and non-religious attitudes to that.

    RS is interesting and not too difficult. It's similar to History because you learn (and practise lots) how to answer the questions that will be in the exam and then learn all the information. It isn't too difficult, and as long as you know how to answer the questions and the key religious teachings of the religins (eg Christians - love thy neighbour and Judiasm - it's important to have children because it's a blood religion), it's possible to do well without knowing everything.

    Again, as I'm assuming you're doing the new 1-9 GCSEs (which I know nearly nothing about), there will be changes to what you learn and how it's examined, so this is just my experience of the current GCSEs
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    RS is compulsory, so you either have to do short corse or long course (in wales anyways). It's quite interesting if you like expressing your opinion on controversial topics in the religious community. You'll learn religious quotes to back your arguments. it's quite interesting but i got a teacher who only read through the booklets with us which is...tedious

    Sociology, no idea what that is xD

    spanish...well i take french but i assume it's no different. you have topics to learn in the language such as home life, school, holidays, environment etc where you learn how to discuss the topics in the language. you have 2 writing course work, 2 speaking, 1 listening exam and 1 reading. many of the people in my class get panicky when it comes to speaking so consider it if you dont mind.

    ICT is really boring but the course is fairly easy, i do short course

    History is extremely interesting, you'll not only learn history but understand the basic of politics and government and stuff that like which is useful for the future.

    geography is also interesting, you'll learn about the earth processes and people around the world.

    catering is fun, my friends do catering and whenever they make something i'd always get to try it xD

    photography is fun if u like taking photos, no brainer.

    art is time consuming! and if you feel like having a 5 hours exam at the end then go ahead, most of it is course work though and writing weighs more than the art it self i think

    You've gotten some great advice on all your other subjects, but one I want to talk to you about is Art. Please only pick it if you have an interest in the subject and are prepared to see it through to the end. I know plenty of academic people who have achieved an array of A*s and As across all their subjects and then that C or B in art. One thing I always tell people is that you just can't afford to be lazy in art! Whilst you may be able to 'wing' English, Maths or the sciences, the same cannot be said for art.
    Success in this subject requires a strong work ethic, an understanding of the marking criteria and the ability to critically reflect on your work. Though please don't let this put you off, as soon as you understand this commitment you will find art very enjoyable. I recently achieved full marks in one of my GCSE art coursework units though I can tell you it was not easy and I did spend several lunchtimes in the art room pestering my teacher on what I can do next to improve my work

    ps - Don't worry about not having the 'natural talent' in art. You will soon find that to a certain extent the marking criteria values quantity over quality.

    History is all writing essays and so is Rs and geography , so doing all 3 might be a bit much but it's up to you
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    I love art btw

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