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I wish everyone here on TSR a really Happy New Year 2016 !
May your celebrations of this occasion be magical and bright and sweet and full of joy !
And may 2016 that has just arrived, be an amazing and special year for all of you - filled with much happiness, prosperity and good health, and I wish you that this year (the year of the Fire Monkey in the Chinese astrological terms: 8 February 2016 - 27 January 2017) would make all your dreams come true !
I know what my own personal wishes for myself are for this year (and beyond and in general) but to all of you - who ever you are and wherever you may be - I would like to say on this New Year's day: always believe in your dreams, always believe in yourself, you never know - the brightest days and wonderful things may be just around the corner .. and they are worth waiting for, and they are worth hoping for, and - if need be - they are worth the effort .. even though they may not be in sight yet, at this given stage in time. But they could come - at any time - to make you smile .. and make you happy .. and warm you up from the inside.
Because this is just .. life. With all its unpredictability and surprises and excitement. And trust me - one day the rainbow will shine for you from the sky !
So keep your chin up - and never lose inspiration !
One day - or any day - you will win.
You are a Winner ! I know that, YOU know that .. we all know that !
Who ever you are and wherever you may be - I see you . Right now. And I am with you now. You are not forgotten and you and your dreams matter .. and you are STRONG .. and YOU are special .. and you will get there .. so always keep your dreams in sight.
Best wishes and season's greetings !

Attached are my own photos which I took in West London, UK on 19 December and 23 December 2015.
Many thanks for taking the time and reading this and viewing my pictures. Much appreciated !
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