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Thought I would post a few tips on how to answer 8 mark questions at GCSE AQA A/B Geography

- Introduction - always state your case study as soon as possible. Describe the location briefly (e.g. Studland Bay - south England coast Dorset.) and mention any special features (e.g. WHS, NT, AONB, NP etc.)

- Always expand on points - don't just say - "It creates jobs." Say "It creates jobs which improves the lives of local people, reducing net migration in the area." This is CRUCIAL to get above 4 marks

- Facts and figures: E.g. Globalisation - China: Now <15% agricultural GDP. Home Market increases from £200 capita income in 2001 to £600 in 2014.
E.g. Tourism - Contribution to UK economy - Each 747 china 20 new jobs, £1 million to UK economy etc.

- Examples: Always back up your case study. E.g. Coasts - There is cliff collapse at places such as Aldborough due to groynes at Mappleton.

- Extra detail: Show off to the examiner. E.g. Kenya attractions - "Nice Scenery" improved to "Unique scenery such as the savannah grassland and Mount Kenya as well as the deep warm coral waters of the Indian Ocean."

- Key Words

-SPAG - 9 marks in the human paper!

- Keep to the question - look back at the end, have I answered it?

Hope this helps

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