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Hi everyone,

I've been studying Spanish since year 7 (I'm in year 13 now) and just recently I have realised that I actually don't know how to study it and be prepared for the exam. Oral is easy however its the paper that I find tricky. How do you study for it? I watch many spanish movies and my vocab is good but I always struggle with writing.. any tips? My mock is coming up soon and I'm hoping to get a good grade.

Also.. how can I study grammar and make it stick? I always study one tense and then forget it, not sure how to remember it for a longer period of time..

Help much appreciated
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hey I'm in the same boat with regards to how long we've been learning it may be we can muddle through this year too!
For grammar I made mind maps of every tense showing how to form it, the endings, when/why it's used and a list of the irregulars. After this i got a whiteboard and wrote and rewrote every tense and irregular until I knew them and repeated this more or less everyday...
Also this page: is amazing for practising all your tenses in all the forms!
As for the writing you can bring your mark up with a wide range of tenses, idiomatic expressions and strong, developed and supported opinion but also showing a wide range of factors
hope that helps a bit?

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