How to get over girl I will never see again

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Ok so i've been volunteering at a hospital with this girl for a couple of months and we see each other every week. We got on extremely well and she looked sad when we said goodbye. On the last week I f***** up by not asking her for her number and I will never see her again. She doesn't have facebook, twitter etc and there is no mention of her anywhere online, I will literally never see her face again, all I have is a christmas card from her. Her sixth form college (all girls) is a couple of miles away from mine and I'm not going to try to stalk her, I don't know when she starts or finishes and I am not that kind of person anyway. I know this sounds like oneitis but I genuinely feel that she is absolutely the best, most down-to-earth girl i've ever met and it seems like no one will ever be as good as her. Maybe she just saw me as a friend, i'll never know, but I just wish I could see her again and joke around with her again. I've had crushes before but this feels like more.

How do I get over this girl and go back to being my normal guy self since I will never see her again and I will be going off to uni in 2016. I can't stop thinking about how we'll never cross paths again and I am not attracted to any of the other girls I know (they may be hot but means nothing to me now)
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When you go to uni you'll meet plenty girls and at least one will be a lot better than her!

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