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Question: Auto Repairs repairs vehicles for businesses. Last month, it contracted with Van World UK. Van World has been a customer of Auto Repair's for 11 years and every three months its vehicles go in for maintance. Van world contracted to service a van for £200. A date was agreed and Auto Repairs agreed that the job would be completed by 11AM the next morning providing that it was dropped off by 5PM that day.

Van World recieved their first document, an invoice after the job was finished with terms of conditions including an expemption clause restricting liability for (1) any loss of profit arising from failure to exercise reasonable care and skill limited to £65 per day; (2) that they will not be liable for any damages arising from lack of quality of goods or unfitness of goods; and (3) that they shall have no liability in respect of any loss caused by delay or for any loss or personal injury caused by negligence.

Problem: Although the van was dropped off at 5PM that day, on the next day at 11AM a worker for Van World went to collect the van. However, Auto Repairs said they had been busy and that it was not ready and to collect it the next day. Van World lost £650 as a result.

I'm banging my head against a brick wall here. Can anyone help?

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