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The topics I am covering this year will be Depression, Media and Research Methods. I currently have mocks and I have been revising way before the date of the exam. I was just wondering if anyone could share some of their notes on PSYA4 with me and help me better my A02/A03 evaluation skills (e.g PEEL'ing my paragraphs and how to throw in IDA)
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Research Methods can help you use AO3 in every unit although it's mostly common sense/general things that can be applied to everything . Rip it apart and think of the bigger picture.

What are the pros and cons of each method? now apply those to studies.

Compare it against other models or critic the model itself. (Biological concordance rates are never 100%, environment always plays a part. Can this model support psychodynamic/cognitive approaches etc?

Critic the methodology of the study (the sample size - is it representational? gender - is there bias? (EG, Freud) culture - western studies won't be applicable in non-western countries. The type of study - lab studies aren't reliable because we don't live in a lab on a daily basis and Hawthorne effect happens. Longitudinal studies - people drop out, small sample size etc.

Critic the findings - were they useful? EG, if only 50% of the sample proved with their hypothesis, then was it worth it? can we rely on it? Are they reductionist or deterministic results? If the study has categorised people (Bowlby/Ainsworth), critic that with humanistic approaches - we are not confined to categories etc.

Other studies - Did someone else replicate and find something better? EG Ainsworth's 3 attachment types, was followed by a 4th by Main and Soloman - type D.
Or does the study need improvements? a follow-up?

For AO2 you want some solid studies that you know inside-out and applications to the real world. EG, if they were to give you a scenario question about 'Jane, depression and her symptoms', would you be able to apply your knowledge of approaches and studies to help understand or diagnose?

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