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I am trying to complete my personal statement but am unsure how to set it out and what to put, bit of background about me -

Left school in 96 with only 2 GCSE's in History and RE grade C rest were D & E's, took a job as admin assistant when left school and worked my way up, then got a job as a tax adviser in 2005 and then an office supervisor in 08 and been in this job since.

I have resat my Science and Maths GCSE in the last two years and ended up with B's in both and currently restting my English Langauge now.

I want to study biological sciences as it has always interested me and i have been on a couple of lab courses in the last few years and been to some drug discovery lectures to gain more knowledge of what i want to do, the uni want 5 GCSE's at C and above to be accepted.

I am just stuck at how i should structure my personal statement?
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Make use of TSR’s personal statement resources, it has a lot of them. I recommend you read this article before you do anything, it explains about structure, what you need to include etc. You might also want to use TSR's Personal Statement Builder. There is also a FAQ list and libraries of old and reviewed personal statements to give you ideas, click here.

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