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I've been reading mark schemes but when it comes to evaluating in general I have no clue what to write about,anyone got any helpful advice or sheets
P.s 20 markers are hard
Many thanks
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Ive kind of been having trouble with this as well so if you have any tips please do share.

well this is the stuff i got from the marking scheme so not sure if itll be any help.
There are some evaluative points that come for almost everything.
for negative or positive externalities a common point is that its difficult to quantify them and put a monetary value on them.
For taxes subsidies minimum and maximum pricing a standard point is that the effectiveness depends on how high these are. and in the case of minimum pricing how low.
Another common point for the above 4 is the price elasticity of demand and supply. If demand is price inelastic then a tax is unlikely to have a large impact in reducing the consumption of the product. For example people still buy tons of cigarettes even if theres a high tax on them because its price inelastic because its addictive.
Opportunity cost to the government is another common point that can be used for subsidies and for minimum pricing.
The costs of imposing taxes or monitoring regulation.
For many proposed solutions you can use the different impacts on different income groups as evaluative comments.
For many questions like 'assess the case...' for this or that, if you support it thats considered your main point. And showing the negative side is considered the evaluative comments.
check out page 25 and 26. Hope this helped.

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