Hello, my name is Maariya21! Watch

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I'm studying... Teacher Training

I'm interested in... Heya guys
I wanted to know if anyone can send me past papers to Maths GCSE teacher training and Science or knows what kind of questions maybe asked
ive got a test booked in few weeks.

My study level is... Other
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Hi there Maariya22!

Welcome to

I just wanted to give you a warm, fuzzy welcome and a little kick start so that you can make the most out of your time on here!

How are you doing at the moment? Have you found all the resources and answers that you need? If you've got any queries or questions that need answering, just head over to the TSR news, help and feedback forum where someone will respond to you as soon as possible!

Studying? Worry not, for TSR had all the resources and guidance you could possibly wish for! Find your subject in the Study Help forum and ask a question about it. There will always be someone around to give you a helping hand. I can see you're looking for GCSE Maths papers. Just click the study help forum link, find the Mathematics section and hopefully there will be a thread catered towards GCSE Maths!

Believe it or not: TSR is not all about the studying and exams! There are many different forums, which give you the opportunity to communicate with other students around the UK (and internationally!).

Are you interested in Religion, UK Politics or society in general? Then head over to the Debate and Current affairs forum! Or maybe you're passionate about computers and technology and chat to other people who share the same interests as you!

What I've told you isn't all though: there is so much to find on TSR that I'll allow you to explore around for yourself! To engage in even more conversations, go to the forums page where you could either join or start one yourself.

If you have any questions, just quote or reply to me and I'll try to help you out.

Hopefully I'll see you around the site!

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