My chances of getting a cambridge interview for history

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Hi, I am looking at applying to Cambridge to study History. I achieved 8 A*s and 2 A's (Maths and Art). I achieved a score of 99/100 In the International GCSE History exam. I go to a top boys private secondary school where a lot of boys have 9 or 10 A*'s. My school have encouraged me to apply to do History at Oxbridge and without coming across as cocky, the reports show that I am one of the best (if not the best) at History in my year. I am doing the IB Diploma and for Cambridge an offer is 40-41 points. I do History, English and Philosophy at Higher Level and Latin, Chemistry and Maths at Standard Level. Though I haven't been given my predictions yet I reckon I will be (or at least hope to be) in the 40s. Having said this I am very passionate about History and I have read quite a few history books on the Renaissance and the Medici family already. I also aim to visit Florence so that I can carry out any historical research whilst I am there. This will then be followed by a school trip to Berlin in October time after Oxbridge applications have been sent off. I also have my own history blog in which I post articles on anything I have learnt from my wider reading as well as any school essays I have done. I would be very grateful if you could tell me what are the chances like of getting an interview at Cambridge based on my GCSE grades, predicted grades I think I will be given and my passion for history? I am concerned that though I have done remarkably well in GCSE's that this is not enough to get an interview. I think I've read somewhere that Cambridge take in around 80% of their applicants for interview and I'm wondering over the likeliness of simply getting an interview. I would be grateful if you could tell me my chances of receiving an interview at Cambridge and whether it is worth me applying and whether my GCSE grades are good enough? Thank you
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Pretty much everyone whose predicted grades meet the entry requirements and has a coherent personal statement gets an interview. Don't worry about it, you will almost certainly get one.

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