Help plz... Big family problem

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the stuff i've read in this thread hurt me alot. i'm just sorry that any of you had to go through it. and alot of you have unfortunately been through stuff that nobody should ever have to go through.
i'm not sure if it's any good thinking about others suffering and trying to accept that your's isn't as bad as that, so that in a way it doesn't matter so much - because it matters alot.

you know what i think? if you can find something that makes you happy, whether it's good grades at school, dreams, a hobby.. whatever - as long as you pursue that for YOU, it will make you happy.
congrats on those grades you got btw, they were amazing.
it's really good that you've began talking about this, it seems to have got alot off your chest. i can't say i'm a psychologist, but i do know that talking is a healer. it may not remove the problem or the scars that it has left on you, but it does in fact show that you aren't alone.

and you say your brother and sister are now at uni? does this mean that things are better at home?

i'd also like to say that you should of course stand up for yourself, because if you don't - no one else will. it's no good being a doormat and letting people walk all over you, because it will become a habit of you letting them do it.
you all sound to be extremely strong people, and i'm hoping that your horrible experiences will bring good by making you stand taller as a person.

if you ever need to talk, remember that i'm only a pm away.

*hugs* take care

luv Super_Woman

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Yes you're going about it the right way, just do what feels right! If i was you I'd definetely go with the getting a good job and living on your own bit. But then again I am a bit of a bitter person and I would just love to make them suffer by cutting them out from my life completely. I talk from experience.
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