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    I am trying to understand Meiosis however, I am so confused!
    Can someone explain to me where I am going wrong?

    Meiosis 1:
    2n= diploid
    diploid = parent cell
    n= haploid
    Blah Blah = I understand

    Interphase: Replication so now there is 4n worth of genetic material in the cell
    Prophase: Blah Blah
    Metaphase: Blah Blah
    Anaphase: Blah Blah
    Telophase: Cytokenisis Occurs and hence there should be 2n worth of material in the cell?

    So two DIPLOID cells should me made during meiosis 1..
    not two HAPLOID cells...

    As you can probably tell, it's driving me crazy!

    No it's 2 haploid cells that are created after meiosis 1. There is 23 chromosomes(in humans) in each cell at the end of meiosis 1 so it is haploid. There are 46 chromatids in each cell at the end of meiosis 1 but each pair of chromatids make up 1 chromosome. However there are still only 23 chromosomes so there are 2 haploid cells.
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