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    (Original post by The Socktor)
    I'm an introvert but I think I'd be better off with an extravert since, well, one of us has to do the talking.
    Not all introverts are shy though, so you could end up with an introvert who talks a lot.

    I am an introvert and prefer introverts. I need someone who understands my social needs/lack of. I hate small talk and people trying to force me into situations that I don't want to be in and just not understanding.
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    (Original post by greenbeans123)

    Do introverts/extroverts mix well romantically? I am an introvert and my longest relationship (8 years) was with an extrovert. It was a complete opposites attract situation and very intense at first. I loved his funny, outgoing energy, he found me calming and a bit mysterious at first I think. Over time, as we moved in together, however, it became very stressful. He really couldn't understand why I'd rather stay in with a book/film than go to a party. I always wanted to go home from the pub before him. And so on. I think other couples do make it work, but you have to be very understanding of the differences.

    I have recently been dating another introvert and I find spending time with him so much more relaxing. We understand each other a lot more and don't have to explain our little quirks. From the outside I think we must seem like boring couch potatoes, but we get each other. It's really nice!
    haha woow that is a long reply.
    I know what you mean. I am more of a shy introvert. Going out for a day tires me out and I will need to stay home for a couple of days after just to regain my energy.

    That is why I would not be attracted to an extroverted guy. At first, like you said, it would be fun and intense, but after some time, I don't think I would be able to continue and would also get stressed. Our activities would be different and I don't think I could have a serious relationship with him,

    hahah you sound like a cute couple. That sounds so much more appealing to me haha. I know sometimes opposite can attract but in the long run, I think you need to have some similarities to each other.

    Thanks for your post.

    (Original post by Das Ich Man)
    The dynamic works until the introvert decides they want to try being the extrovert for once, I dated an exceptionally shy girl (she literally never talked), months later she went to the pub more than me lol.
    that's fair enough xD
    I've had social anxiety all my life so I don't think it'll change. If anything I really admire the way he can talk to people so easily (and am slightly envious)

    (Original post by Mona-S)
    Are they?

    I am an introvert and would rather be with someone who is also introverted.
    Very much so only problem is that two of the same personalities often clash resulting in unstable relationship. I tend to prefer dating extroverts because they bring me out of my shell moreso than introverts. I have had good and bad experiences with both.
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