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My Experience with Driving Instructor Rant watch

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    Not sure if rant threads are ok here, but...

    A couple of things that are bad about him in my opinion:

    Time waster. First 5 lessons, where it normally is discounted, he spent about 2 full lessons worth explaining how cars work. Literally getting into the fine details of it, like we are in some gearhead convention and expecting me to know what the hell he is on about like some enthusiast. Granted I do know the necessary such as engine braking, and clutch plates etc. He would also waste 5 minutes showing me his facebook page of people passing, and telling me their life story. This happens every time one of his students passes.

    Toilet breaks. He would over half of my lessons, say "I'm a human much like yourself, and do need toilet breaks.". In which he would instruct me to drive to a local supermarket for him to take a leak. This normally happens 30 mins prior to the end of the lesson. From parking>toilet>back to the car, takes a good 10 mins. Not a single bit of these times were given back to me. It really annoys me how he says this but doesn't allocate himself a "lunch period".

    He would change time slots often. He's practically fully booked, or so he says. He knows I'm very flexible with times, so he just changes times by 30 mins before or after what I had written down on my phone. I would call him asking where he is, and he'll reply "don't you remember, we changed the times". That is his excuse all the time. He does this with all the students, since he often says "everyone gets notified of changes if they have a iOS" as the calendar app would notify students of changes too.

    Late. Always late or just on time, never early. Always have to ask where he is, as he is normally 3-5 minutes late. Which is absolutely unprofessional as this cuts into my time, and is never given back since 3-5 minutes is little. He would always say that he has texted me or called me to "notify" me that he will be a little behind. This is a lie. My text/call history is empty from him and yet everyone else's shows up perfectly. We checked my number to see if he has it correct, yes, and goes to say maybe I leave it on silent or "one of those people that doesn't carry their mobile around". I once sounded a little more aggravated than usual because he was 30mins late, but did not tell me (although he says he "texted"), when I got into the car, he had a little indirect, but obvious go at me. Also, blamed me for holding up a queue when he was parking on double yellow lines on a very narrow road to pick me up, and saying I should have ran to the car.

    Paying him to pay him more. We would arrange further lessons (booking blocks) during lesson time. The first time round, we just sat there DURING my lesson in which i was paying him to sort out future lesson time slots. I didn't think much of it back then. But, as my block was nearing an end, we sat at a cafe to sort out more times slots for the next block. Needless to say I won't be paying for them! This was right after he went for his toilet break. At 12:30 we went into the cafe. We finished sorting out the times at about 12:50. I said can we drive around a bit longer since we spent time sorting this out. He replied saying that it's only right to do it during lesson time, and everyone else does it too. And how like solicitors, you pay them by the hour. But, I am suppose to be paying him to teach me to drive, not when is the next time he'll receive his next bit of money. And this part really does piss me off the most, he checks his schedule and sees that his next lesson isn't until 2pm. So he says we can extend the time to 1:10. By the time we left the parking lot, it was almost 1pm. Guess what? We didn't even finish at 1:10. I was parked up and engine off at 1:07...

    Eating. For the 4-5 hours of my lessons just before my theory test, he said it is really important for me to pass first time, so I should be focusing on that more than driving. He would drive me to a pub/restaurant/cafe/supermarket for me to just sit there and do the F-ing theory test app on his iPad for the whole hour. Sucks, but I guess if he was going along it with me it would be ok. Nope. He would say "Imma order something, you know, can't sit empty handed". True, fair. I expect him to get a drink and go through it with me, but nope in the morning he would order breakfast (like toast or something), lunchtime he would order something more filling and just sit there and have feast while I just sit in silence, tapping a screen for a whole hour for the next few lessons. I did pass first time, but I'll be damned if he did anything to help achieve that.

    Refilling. One time he arrived at my house (late as usual lol), with a really low tank. So he asked me to drive to the nearest petrol station to fill up. It sounds good eh? And personally I think it was a kinda cool lesson learnt. But I have no doubt it wasn't his intention to teach me anything. It was just convenience for him, a coincidence. So from heading to the station, and leaving it (queuing, filling, paying) it shaved off a good 15 mins off my lesson time.

    The company. Stupidly enough I only decided to look into the website reviews for the company he's working for and also, the partner/parent company. My god, are the reviews terrible. Like not just for my area, but others areas too.

    The company is


    I know this is a pointless, long rant. But, I hope that it helps some people to avoid this company. Granted, this is just my experience, and only with 1 of their driving instructor. So yours maybe better, but I hope you do take some consideration of my post before choosing. I live in the Brierley Hill area btw.
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    Welcome Squad
    Hi there,

    Holy moly that really was a rant but it's great that it's finally out of your system! and thumbs up for talking about you experiences with this driving school/company, since it will give people considering them a heads up and warning to avoid at all costs!

    Wow that is awful

    WOW, I would not be taking any of that ******** lol. Find yourself a new instructor. I have had 2 instructors, one which used to come bang on time and the other one used to come 10 minutes early because she lives near my house lol.
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