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    As you can guess from the title, I have no friends, and I've never had any - none, at least, that I can say I've been close to in the way that the people I see around me are to their friends. Part of that is my Asperger's - and the fact that I used to have severe social anxiety - but part of it is choice as well - I'm capable of sustaining a relationship with someone and even cultivating it to a certain level, but I'm naturally a very introverted person (hence the amount of time I spend on TSR) and I don't particularly enjoy being in the company of others unless they're close family. And, for the most part, I live life happily on my own as much as I can.

    But today I was kind of in a contemplative mood, and I was looking at the people around me going about their lives and interacting with their friends just as if it was second nature - and I realised that I actually had no reference point whatsoever from which I could relate to or imagine what they were doing or feeling in any way. Just out of curiosity more than anything else, I've been thinking about it for pretty much the whole evening, and even though I don't usually post in this part of the site (hence my anon-ness), I figured this was the best place to ask. So I'm sorry if I've posted this in the wrong subforum(or indeed if this is tl;dr lol) but what's it like to have friends? What's it like to have that level of intimacy, that level of informality with another person not part of your family? I'm genuinely curious

    It's not something you ever really think about. Ask yourself "what is it like to have a nose?" it's the same feeling.

    Gondor has no friends. Gondor needs no friends.

    But honestly, it's good to have someone to talk to.

    its nice to be close to someone who isn't part of your family so you can tell them secrets or plans that you probably wont tell your family
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